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343 founder comments on 20GB day one download for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Jareth Anstey



It has been announced that to access all the features of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, a day one 20GB patch must be downloaded. Many are not thrilled with this news as 20GB can be a large amount of data to download especially for those currently living with limited bandwidth speed or even a download limit.

Due to an outcry of sorts from fans, 343 co-founder Frank O’Connor took to posting on NeoGAF to explain the decision.

“The game is designed to run as a single, unified product, … Digital is seamless obviously, but we also wanted disc users to have the same experience, without swapping discs. Since the bulk of it is MP or MP related, the logic is sound.”

Fortunately the majority of the game will be playable whilst the 20Gb worth of content downloads, most single player features and even a few multiplayer maps will be immediately accessible which makes the download more of an inconvenience rather than a deal breaker.

“I also get that 20 gigs is a fair old chunk of bits and it is not ideal. Most players will have a smooth and happy experience. The game will launch (including digital version) before installation is complete, so there is plenty of content to play around in while the red installs.”

Understandably the main goal here seems to be creating an entirely streamlined experience, and whilst some may find the download size an issue I would say that the majority would forgive the initial inconvenience in order to have the entirely smooth Halo experience that 343 intends.

In the meantime check out this trailer for the newly announced documentary following the re-creation of Halo 2 for its ten year anniversary. It’s all getting so close now!

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