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Amazonian Survival, Green Hell, Hits Early Access Today

Mason Sylvia



The long anticipated, hyper-realistic survival experience, Green Hell, launched in Steam’s Early Access program today. Developed in Poland by Creepy Jar, an indie game studio with former Techland (Dead Island, Dying Light) employees in their ranks, Green Hell puts players in the shoes of a survivor stranded in the Amazon rainforest with a wealth of hostile encounters of the unknown variety.

Green Hell managed to stir up a lot of interest due to its emphasis on realistic survival elements, such as the need for sustenance and monitoring your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. You must also frequently check the body for wounds and ailments after an injury, such as a fall, or an encounter, like with a snake or hostile natives. Treating these wounds swiftly and accurately will prevent further health risk like bleeding out or infection taking hold.

Currently, in its early access state, Green Hell does not feature a full story mode at the moment. The Early Access focus is on the survival elements and general gameplay experience, with a 20-minute tutorial that gives players a peek into the story of horror and mystery. Creepy Jar have stated that the full story mode will be available when Green Hell leaves its Early Access state and launches officially as a complete title.

NerdBite is currently waiting on a review copy of Green Hell, and once we’ve received ours, you can expect a full in-depth review of its current Early Access state and follow up articles as major updates are released.

Green Hell is available now on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

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