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Best Buy Cancels Gamers Club Program

Mason Sylvia



Best Buy, the leading electronics retailer in the United States, has terminated its Gamers Club program, effective today. The now-deceased program offered 20 percent discounts on new video games and pre-orders, as well as a wealth of other benefits for gamers. It was an absolute deal at only $30 bi-annually, but speculation suggests that the program was costing the company more money than it was gaining in revenue. It would seem that the company sent out an internal memo instructing stores on how to proceed with the termination of the program, yet members of the program have not been contacted to be notified about the termination and what it means for any active memberships. Best Buy have not officially announced the cancellation of the program, but speaking with Best Buy customer service representatives via phone or live chat will confirm the end of the program.

Best Buy representatives have reassured current Gamers Club Unlocked members that they will continue to receive all benefits of the membership, including their 20% discount. However, the 20% discount is not reflecting on any eligible products online. As a matter of fact, I can confirm that it looks like the discount was reduced to 10%. After reaching out to Best Buy, a customer service representative confirmed the issue—after first claiming that the SKUs for a few games I provided were not eligible for the discount, when they actually were—claiming that it was due to the transition from the program’s termination, and that Best Buy was offering a refund of the remaining 10% until the issue is fixed.

As of this afternoon, all evidence of the once-existence of the Gamers Club Unlocked program have been purged from the Best Buy website and their in-store signage. It is currently unknown whether the program will return in a different form, but it’s safe to say that this is the official end of 20% discounts at Best Buy. With Amazon Prime being the remaining retailer to offer that same discount—albeit only valid for pre-orders—a lot of gamers speculate that the benefit will soon disappear from the online super-retailer as well. A few highly anticipated games have been pulled from Amazon’s listings; games such as Detroit: Become Human and Red Dead Redemption 2 are no longer available for pre-order.

We will continue to monitor this story and update it as more information becomes available.

Update: After the publication of this article, Best Buy have completely removed any discounts on video game products on their website. All video games, including pre-orders, are now showing up as full-priced, even for Gamers Club Unlocked members. After bringing this to the attention of a Best Buy customer service representative, they have claimed that the discount will reflect at checkout, and I was able to confirm that by adding a game to my online cart and heading over to checkout.

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