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BoxBoy and BoxGirl Preview for Nintendo Switch




BoxBoy and BoxGirl

BoxBoy and BoxGirl on Nintendo Switch!

Later this month, Nintendo will release the latest title in the BoxBoy series. Titled as BoxBoy and BoxGirl, the latest game will star Qbby and Qucy on a co-op adventure through their homeworld, the Box Planet. Developed by Kirby creators, HAL Laboratories, this will be the series’ first title on the Switch following the trilogy on the Nintendo 3DS.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl

As a puzzle-platform hybrid, BoxBoy features a minimalistic adventure that harkens back to the days of the original Game Boy. In BoxBoy, you’ll create boxes to solve puzzles. Hitting switches, riding on treadmills, and collecting crowns all comes as part of the experience.

What makes it more rewarding, however, are the challenging stages that await you near the end of each game. Plus all the unlockables you can collect include music, costumes, and even comics featuring the characters make it all worth your while!

What’s in the latest adventure?

BoxBoy and BoxGirl will star Qbby and Qucy in over 270 stages of puzzle platforming action. This marks the most amount of stages in the series so far. Fans of Kirby will enjoy the simplistic gameplay and little HAL Easter Eggs as well.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl

The series is quite easy to get into, inviting to beginners and experienced players alike. Veteran players will certainly appreciate the challenging stages later on. Also, thanks to the hint system, players never have to feel overwhelmed to face their challenges.

Coming this April.

Nintendo has already released a demo for BoxBoy and BoxGirl. You can download it off the Nintendo eShop or the official website now! Featuring over a dozen stages, you can play the single-player mode as well as co-op mode stages to get a feel for the game. The title is also available for pre-purchase now.

Be sure to read our review of the 3DS title BoxBoxBoy to learn more about the game. We’ll be sure to cover this title after it releases on the Switch!

BoxBoy and BoxGirl

Thanks for reading our article on BoxBoy and BoxGirl! Have you played a game in the series before? Or will this be your first? Let us know in the comments below!

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