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Burnout Paradise Remaster Reportedly in the Works

Take me down again to the paradise city.

Dave Karev



It’s been close to ten years since we last saw an actual new Burnout game released, with developer Criterion Games faintly abandoning their beloved franchise. Since the release of Burnout Paradise; Criterion has shifted their work towards the Need for Speed series for EA, among other titles.

Numerous rumors through out the last few years have surfaced of a possible new Burnout title, but have been quickly dismissed. Even talks of a remaster for Burnout Paradise has been brought up from time to time. It now seems that those talks of a remaster have perhaps been heard by EA, with reports coming in that Burnout Paradise will be making its way over to the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

As of now EA hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, but all signs point to a Burnout Paradise remaster coming sometime this year. Listings for Burnout Paradise on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have appeared last month, with recent news of a March release in Japan appearing this week.

This could be a good way for EA to see if their is still demand for another Burnout game (of course there is!), seeing how many people buy a ten year old game again could be a good indicator of interest for the publisher. EA did make Burnout Paradise backwards compatible on the Xbox One back in 2016, and released Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for the PC and consoles in 2009. So they’re not oblivious to people wanting to play some more Burnout. If a remaster brings back all of the content released in Burnout Paradise; along with upgraded visuals and features, then I’m all for it! Its been a while since I last cruised around in Paradise City.

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