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Destiny 2 won’t be out for a couple more weeks, but until then Bungie is preparing for the launch of their highly anticipated shooter. Today, a new trailer for the competitive multiplayer in Destiny 2 was released. Showing off some skillful gunplay, and chaotic supers for the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. We also got to see some cool new emotes, armor, maps, and weapons in play.

The multiplayer in Destiny 2 will be getting a bit of an overhaul, with changes to the amount of players in a gamemode. Instead of the traditional 6v6 modes, Bungie opted for 4v4. These changes will affect the pace of the match, and the way maps will play. You’ll have to work closely with your teammates in order to win; instead of going out solo, and hoping to take on the whole enemy team yourself. Some won’t like these changes, especially with limiting how many people can play in a match. Hopefully Bungie can find a good balance between PvE and PvP, with frequent content updates to keep us playing the addicting multiplayer .

Destiny 2 launches on September 6 PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With the PC version launching at a later date.

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