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Destiny 2 Gets Officially Announced

The sequel to Destiny gets properly announced.

Dave Karev



Image credit to Shadi971

Yes, a sequel to the popular MMO like shooter Destiny is happening. Destiny 2 was officially revealed by the twitter page for the game, of course it was only a tease with just a logo for the game shown. However, last week promotional artwork for Destiny 2 was leaked. Pointing the sequel to a September release, which would align with the first Destiny’s launch date. But nonetheless, the buzz has already begun for Destiny 2 with the community already speculating.

The original Destiny was released back in September 2014, since then the game has had multiple expansions and changes to the game. Whether or not Bungie has listened to the feedback and criticisms for Destiny—and worked on improving on the sequel remains to be seen, but we hope that the Story gets the most attention this time around. And please Bungie don’t forget to bring back the Vex Mythoclast!

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