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Dragalia Lost Now Available on Mobile Devices




Dragalia Lost

Earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled their latest IP. Developed with Cygames – developers of mobile JRPG Granblue Fantasy – Dragalia Lost is an Action/RPG. Similar in nature to titles like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost is a gacha game. While it is free to play, players are also welcome to spend money to purchase items, summons, and the like.


The game features a fantasy story. It stars the role of the Prince of Alberia, who must save his kingdom from the invading fiends. By bonding with dragons, he can gain their power and use it to save his kingdom. Along the way, the prince will meet new characters who will join his party. Additionally, you can add characters to your party by means of random summoning.

Dragalia Lost

Go ahead and raise some hell.

The gameplay combat plays in real time. You move the character by sliding your finger, attack by tapping, and dodge by quick-swipe. You can switch out which party members you use. These short-length dungeons are subsequently followed by a boss battle. You can use your super abilities or transform into a dragon, mowing down all who cross your path.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost’s music is composed by Japanese musician Daoko. It features catchy J-Pop songs, which features an option to disable the vocals. In addition, the title also features dual-audio, allowing players to switch the voices to Japanese. Some of the game’s cutscenes feature voice acting. Additionally, you can tap a character to hear them speak a line or two.

Players familiar with Fire Emblem Heroes will feel immediately at home in Dragalia Lost. You can play through the storyline, customize your characters, and also engage in side-quests. The title is now available for all smartphone devices. Be sure to check out Nintendo and Cygames’ latest IP today!

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