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E3 2017: Games We Are Most Excited To See From Sony

Here’s our list of the games we’re most excited to see from Sony’s E3 conference.




E3, the event that has also been dubbed as “Christmas For Gamers”, has finally arrived and we are, how should we put this… pumped! Being one of the biggest highlights of the summer for big time gaming fans, E3 2017 has been generating a great deal of buzz on upcoming Sony exclusives and exploding titles from the second installment of the Last of Us to Detroit: Become Human. Here are some of the games we hope to see more of from Sony during E3 week.

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us had to have been one of the most emotionally driven post-apocalyptic video games to be released in some time. The first official trailer we received about the upcoming sequel to Joel and Ellie’s moving tear-jerking tale was at last year’s PlayStation Experience when the game was first announced. Having being one of the most intriguing and heart-wrenching video game experiences of 2013, the Last of Us 2 is an eagerly-awaited contender on the E3 2017 wishlist. Many fans of the Last of Us are anticipating when they can finally jump back into the shoes of their beloved Joel and Ellie once again.

Spider-Man (PS4)

At E3 2016, Insomniac Games stunned us with their new incredible PS4 Spider-Man exclusive. Although the trailer was short, snappy, and left no room to show any specific elements of story, it sure gave all of us Spidey fans something to squeal about. The trailer showcased the web-slinger sporting a slick new costume with a new white spider symbol and a fresh new take on New York City we all know and love from the comic books and movies. Hopefully Insomniac Games will be able to give us more info on terms of gameplay and which of Spider-man’s deadliest foes will be featured in the game as well as story and characters. We will just have to wait and see on this one.

Detroit: Become Human

The intense new futuristic drama, Detroit: Become Human, made a huge name for itself at last year’s E3 and among other gaming events. Developed by the creative team at Quantic Dream who brought us the glorious cult games, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, their new title seems to be aiming to take a stab at the futuristic science fiction genre and drawing their own unique twist on a story centered around artificial intelligence and human emotion. Detroit: Become Human is set to be a neo-noir game based around a female android named Kara and how androids live side by side with humans. At E3 2016, it was stated that Detroit: Become Human would be receiving a 2017 release date but since then we have not yet been notified of any such release date by Quantic Dream or by Sony.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

E3 2015 was a joyous occasion for the Final Fantasy fandom, especially long-time fans of the popular 1997 RPG classic, Final Fantasy VII. It was the E3 where we finally caught our very first glimpse at a full-length trailer for the Final Fantasy VII, which many thought was never going to happen. But it’s happening! Final Fantasy VII wasn’t just a video game to people; it was their childhood and an epically beautiful experience that has continued to inspire and influence countless games and developers in the industry. Being the game that originally sold the PlayStation 1, Final Fantasy VII is finally being remade and we are all hoping Sony is going to ravish us with yet another exclusive trailer that will have us dancing around, singing One-Winged Angel until our throats run dry.

Laura-Louise Slattery is a freelance video game journalist, geek culture blogger, and lover of all things Cosplay, comics, and gaming. Favourite games include: Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, World Of Warcraft.


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