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E3 2017: Ubisoft Officially Premieres Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ubisoft finally unveils the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Dave Karev



Its been nearly 15 years since the original Beyond Good and Evil was released, and earlier today Ubisoft officially revealed the highly awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 on their E3 stage. Announced in a cinematic trailer, Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place before the first game in a colossal solar system, System 3. You’ll play as a small time pirate, on pursuit for fortune and adventure. Beyond Good and Evil 2 features a unique cast of characters and planets, all which takes place in the 24th century.

“We know the expectations for Beyond Good and Evil 2 are enormous,” says Creative Director Michel Ancel. “We’re creating a sci-fi space opera, a game where players fight for freedom alongside unforgettable characters and explore a stunning and vast solar system, all while capturing the spirit of Beyond Good and Evil.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an ambitious title from Ubisoft, that includes a “seamless online environment” for you to explore either solo or with your friends. System 3 is full of planets and moons to discover, all which can be traveled to at light speed. Pirating is an enterprise in the solar system, and everyone is trying to get a share of the wealth for themselves.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is currently in development, and doesn’t have a current launch window or any announced platforms yet.

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