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EA Moves Anthem to 2019; Will Instead Release a New Battlefield this Year

Don’t call it a delay, because EA certainly isn’t. 

Dave Karev



BioWare’s much anticipated multiplayer action title Anthem will now arrive in early 2019; moving the originally planned release date of Fall 2018. This is not a delay per se, instead EA wants to launch Anthem in a less crowded window. EA’s chief executive Andrew Wilson said in a investors call today; “We’ve chosen to launch Anthem in the fourth quarter. The date is chosen by by portfolio balance, not product readiness”.

To replace the absence of Anthem, EA will instead release a new Battlefield developed by DICE in Anthem’s place. EA is said to be “really excited by the way the new Battlefield is shaping up”. EA has also said that it wouldn’t “make too much sense to launch Anthem right by” the new Battlefield title. “As a new IP, it probably makes sense to give Anthem its own launch window” says EA’s chief executive Andrew Wilson.

The news of Anthem’s new launch window came from a press release EA sent The Wall Street Journal. The announcement was made due to reports that Anthem’s development was behind schedule; in lieu of these reports EA most likely wanted to assure people that Anthem was coming along just fine and won’t be competing with EA’s other titles this year. Hopefully this scheduled change to bring Anthem at a later date will be used to give players the best possible experience, we don’t want to see another Destiny 2 fiasco occur.

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