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First Screenshots from Tales from the Borderlands Revealed

Dave Karev



Telltale Games has dropped the first screenshots from their upcoming game, Tales from the Borderlands. The fresh screenshots show us our first taste of what the game will look and play like. Both Gearbox and Telltale are collaborating to create more stories to tell in the Borderlands universe. With Telltale’s The Walking Dead Games strong narrative, it will be interesting to see them take on Borderlands fun lore.

Pandora has a wealth of stories to offer, and Gearbox wants them told. Telltale is going to collaborate with you through the choices that you make to get some of those stories out there, and to create a brand new Borderlands experience. Telltale Producer Adam Sarasohn said on the PlayStation Blog.

Tales from the Borderlands will follow the same formula as previous Telltale titles, with episodic releases that will cost $4.99 per episode. The game takes place after the events of Borderlands 2, it will be amusing to see how they bring Handsome Jack back to antagonize the players even more. We’re excited to get our hands on Tales from the Borderlands, which is expected to release sometime later this year.

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