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Game Freak Working on a “Globally Popular RPG” for Console

Is Game Freak developing a Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch?

Dave Karev



Game Freak is currently recruiting for a brand new console project for a “worldwide popular RPG”. The job will require working on “character modeling of global popular RPG game”, and debugging work to a degree. The contract will last up until May, 2018. The signs are pretty clear that Game Freak is developing a full fledged Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, or at least we hope so. This isn’t the first time that rumors have circulated around a Pokémon title being developed on the Switch. With an official job listing as more proof, the clues keep adding up.

Here’s what the main job will require:

  • Creating character models in the development of consumer games · Please make data specifications in consultation with programmers.
  • Based on the setting materials, you will create models of deformed toon-like figures, monsters, items and so on.
  • Modeling ~ Texture ~ Joint ~ We will leave weight adjustment.
  • Debugging work is also included in some business.

Codenamed Pokémon Stars, an updated version of Pokémon Sun and Moon was previously rumored to be in development for the Nintendo Switch. There may be a possibility now that those rumors may be true after all. With Nintendo bumping production on the Switch, a Pokémon game on the console would effortlessly move units for Nintendo.

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