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Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Spotted Online

is Rockstar ready to release another version of GTA V?

Dave Karev



A listing for Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition has been spotted online through Amazon Germany. It appears that both the PlayStaton 4 and Xbox One will be getting this supposed Premium Edition of GTA V, with a March 23rd release date. There doesn’t seem to be any listings for any other platforms. Rockstar Games currently hasn’t made any announcement regarding this Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V.

At first a Premium Edition for Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t make much sense, considering Rockstar hasn’t released any type of single-player content for the game. Unless you look at the large amount of DLC dropped for GTA Online, which wasn’t made available in the single-player. A lot of the content for GTA Online featured new clothing, vehicles, missions, and a ton of other cool stuff for players. If you only played the single-player in GTA V, there were a lot of cool little things you might of missed out on. A Premium Edition that makes all of the GTA Online content available in the main game would be nice to see.

Another possibility for this “Premium Edition” could be that GTA V will be getting a Nintendo Switch version. It doesn’t sound that crazy seeing as Rockstar Games has already released one of their titles on Nintendo’s console, L.A. Noire. Another platform would push sales even further for the publisher. This would be a smart move for most for Rockstar and Take-Two to do.

With 90 million sales and growing, Grand Theft Auto V has been Rockstar’s most successful video game release to date. Originally launching back in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; GTA V later got a re-release for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC with improved visuals and updated features. Of course GTA V owes a lot of its success thanks to its online counterpart, GTA Online. The insanely popular online mode has been quite profitable for Take-Two, due to its microtransactions known as Shark Cards.

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