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Happy Thanksgiving, Gamers!

Mason Sylvia



Happy Thanksgiving (Turkey Day?)! For hundreds of years, families and friends have gathered on this traditional celebratory day to share in the blessings of life, happiness and fortune, as they give thanks for what they’re grateful for the most. It’s a holiday observed by several nations and like other traditional holidays, brings everyone together for a special moment of positive energy. It’s easily comparable to the gaming community, if you’ll excuse me while I don my obligatory gamer hat, where we all come together to celebrate what we enjoy and share gratitude for regularly. The gaming community is a diverse, expansive collective that continues to grow daily, as we do as individuals, that will continue to evolve as time goes on.

On this day, my family and I have celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday for the first time in a new home; we’ve just recently relocated after ten years in a previous, wonderful dwelling that is the source of many, tremendously fond memories. It was a special moment for us, because we reestablished our mantra that home will always be where we are together, sharing in the love and positive energy we have as a family. It was a difficult move, after a decade, but we’ve managed to begin adjusting to the change and are remembering the good fortune we’ve had for a very long time and continue to have daily. Not only am I grateful for that, but I’m grateful for having a wonderful family built upon a foundation of everlasting love, support and kinship. I’m grateful for a wonderful job that allows me to utilize my skills to the best of my abilities and continue to help people grow and improve on a regular basis. I’m grateful for the good fortune I’ve had that enables me to pursue my passion as a gamer, writer and artist. It would take an unprecedented amount of time to truly sit and give thanks for everything I cherish dearly, but there’s a brief introduction to my irrevocable appreciation.

Without further ado, let me move onto a more…nerdy list of gratitude. When I was younger, approximately three or four years old, I watched GoldenEye for the first time; yes, I’m talking about Pierce Brosnan’s debut as British secret agent, James Bond. I don’t remember much about how I’d discovered the film, but I do remember being utterly infatuated with it, which led my father to come home from work a few days later with a Nintendo 64 and a copy of the video game adaptation. It was all uphill from there as what would lead to an identifying James Bond obsession began to develop. In parallel, those moments also served as the foundation for which I would grow a passion for video gaming and the immersion, entertainment and story-telling it would create. It wasn’t long after GoldenEye that I’d discovered Lara Croft on the PlayStation, Super Mario, and even Grand Theft Auto, though the latter wasn’t until I was around eight or nine. Of course, as a child, I still mindlessly played games I couldn’t entirely comprehend like The Sims, while dabbling in age-appropriate titles like Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo and Spy Fox; the latter serving as another example of a soon-to-be James Bond worship.

I’m grateful for a diverse and expansive video game community; for supremely talented developers who work tirelessly to create magnificent, immortal works of art; for the technology to surround myself in immersive, realistic environments in an open-world setting; for Ian Fleming, who penned Casino Royale in 1953 that led to the development of a world-renown franchise that I would eventually drown myself in; for JJ Abrams, who created Alias, a television show featuring Jennifer Garner as CIA super-spy, Sydney Bristow, that holds a special place in my heart; for Core Design for creating Lara Croft, yet another franchise I’ve irrevocably immersed myself in. The list is virtually endless, really.

On this day, I give thanks for not only my family, my home, my friends and my employer, but for everyone responsible for developing the gaming community and continuing its stride and for those responsible for creating my favorite novels, films, television shows and songs. These artists have created masterpieces that have had a special impact on me in more ways than one, and I am so grateful to have discovered what I have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Video game enthusiast, James Bond aficionado, Tomb Raider expert, and lover of Beefeater gin. I'm a creature of habit and I'm either found buried in a book or working through my video game backlog when I'm not working my day job.

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