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Hitman: Definitive Edition Launches Today

Mason Sylvia



Hitman: Definitive Edition has officially launched today, marking the game’s fourth release since its original, digital-exclusive launch in 2016. Following the completion of the episodic entry’s first season, it was released on disc in a Steelbook Edition in January 2017, re-released with a Game of the Year Edition with additional content in November 2017, and a fourth time today with the Definitive Edition, just a baffling six months after the previous release.

What’s the difference, you ask? Just an outfit pack; specifically, the IO Interactive 20th Anniversary Outfit Bundle, which includes three outfits for Agent 47, inspired by some of the developer’s other titles — Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch, and Mini Ninjas.

It is not at all clear why the inclusion of a single piece of DLC calls for a fourth release for the game. It is worth mentioning that some European retailers are offering a new steelbook with the Definitive Edition that mimics the gold-laden design of the Game of the Year Edition marketing. The infographic (see below) also details everything included in the Definitive Edition, which, as aforementioned, is everything from the Game of the Year Edition, plus three outfits.

For a full breakdown of the included content:

  • IO Interactive’s 20th Anniversary Outfit Bundle – Three new outfits inspired by Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas
  • Hitman Season One (Main Game) – Seven exotic locations from the first season, including Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido, along with the ICA Facility
  • Hitman Game of the Year Edition Content – Four missions from the Patient Zero Campaign, three themed Escalation Contracts that unlock three unique weapons, as well as the Clown Suit, Cowboy Suit and Raven Suit from the recent Game of the Year Edition digital release
  • Hitman Summer Bonus Episodes – Featuring ICA bonus missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh
  • Hitman: Blood Money Requiem Pack – Including the Requiem Suit, Pale Duck Explosive and ICA Chrome Pistol
  • All featured Contracts, Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and game updates from Hitman Season One and the Hitman Game of the Year Edition

IO Interactive have stated that the Anniversary Outfit bundle will be made available for purchase on digital platforms later this year, so anyone who already owns a copy of Hitman and are interested in obtaining those three new outfits for Agent 47, will be able to do so at a later time.

IO Interactive have also confirmed that they are working on the next game in the Hitman franchise. IO Interactive’s CEO, Hakan Abrak, has stated that the studio is “making great progress and we have exciting new features and some franchise firsts.” IO Interactive plans on releasing information about the upcoming entry sometime this year.

Hitman: Definitive Edition is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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