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Hitman Launches Today, Players Report Significant Connectivity Issues

Mason Sylvia



After an initial delay last year, Hitman launched digitally today as an episodic title; the first episode showcases a prologue set twenty years earlier—as seen in the closed and public beta—as well as the first assassination contract taking place at Sanguine, a high-brow fashion show in Paris, France. IO Interactive have emphasized their interest in creating a living, breathing world populated by live events to encourage and drive community interaction.

Unfortunately, players are reporting a significant connectivity issue that backfires against IO Interactive’s ambitions. Hitman can be played offline, but a good portion of the game relies on server connectivity to sync player progress, in-game achievements and feats to unlock more content, the Contracts mode and Escalation mode; the servers are continuously disconnecting players, preventing them from accessing most of the game. To add insult to injury, if a player is disconnected during gameplay, they are immediately forced back to the main menu.

Neither Square Enix nor IO Interactive have released a statement addressing their awareness of the issue and it is presently unknown if and when the issue will be fixed. We will update this article as more information surfaces.

Update #1: IO Interactive eventually took to Twitter to address the situation, stating:

“We seem to be experiencing problems with our servers and are looking into this as we speak. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

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