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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer Shows New Locations and Moves

Dave Karev



Sora and his dependable group of sidekicks, Donald Duck and Goofy return in Kingdom Hearts III. The all new trailer revealed at E3 hints at the story in KH3, as well as shows off new gameplay elements and dazzling visuals. One Disney animated film made an appearance in the trailer, Tangled looks to be a playable world in Kingdom Hearts III and is “one of many big reveals” Square Enix “has in store” for the game. With Marvel now under Disney’s massive umbrella, seeing a few cameos from our favorite superheroes in KH3 would be an awesome surprise. Or maybe we’ll just get a Frozen world instead, I guess we’ll find out in time.

Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no set release date was announced, but seeing this amount of footage is a good sign. Longtime Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting years for a sequel in the main series, let’s hope Square Enix can deliver.

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