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Kirby: Star Allies DLC – Heroes in Another Dimension




Kirby: Star Allies DLC

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

Welcome to our look at the final piece of the Kirby: Star Allies DLC! In this article, we’ll cover Heroes in Another Dimension and how it affects the base game as a whole.

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

Heroes in Another Dimension is a new mode in Kirby: Star Allies. As a free DLC piece, this covers four large stages that take place inside of a dimensional rift. These stages include challenging platforming segments and much tougher boss battles than what you experienced before. Even if you’ve completed the base game 100%, Heroes in Another Dimension will give you the challenge you’re seeking.

The content.

In the new DLC mode, you will take on most of the game’s abilities. This is a sort of trial mode. As opposed to being Kirby and copying abilities through the stages, you will use individual abilities to get through the stages. You will use Friend Hearts to recruit enemies and use their abilities to solve puzzles. You collect Hearts, of which there are 120 total, featuring 30 in each stage. These Hearts are used to get the true ending. However, they’re not required for completion.

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

As the first player, you’ll take on abilities of Dream Friends included in past DLC, such as Dark Meta-Knight, Susie, and Adeline & Ribbon, among others. At the end of each stage, you’ll fight a “Parallel” version of a boss from the main game. These bosses have new attack patterns, deal more damage, and have far more HP than standard bosses. This is where 4-player cooperation becomes crucial. Moreover, using proper strategies will help you greatly.

Soul Melter EX Difficulty.

These four stages let you experiment with new abilities and encourage you to solve puzzles to get the best reward – the true ending. Clearing the end boss fights unlocks the final difficulty for “The Ultimate Choice,” the boss gauntlet mode.

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

This mode features all the Parallel version bosses and allows you to use nearly all the Dream Friends and Copy abilities. If you collected 100 Hearts, you will unlock the Jambastion Mages and can use them for this mode.

Getting to the third round means two more difficult battles not featured in Heroes in Another Dimension. Moreover, it will uncover even more boss lore featured on the pause screen. These fights include some classic references to Kirby’s Dream Land 2 and 3 as well as Kirby 64.

If you’re having trouble, you can use Rock Kirby while letting your allies carry you. Bring Adeline + Ribbon to have a reliable healer and stay in Rock form. Between boss attacks, you can use the Down + B abilities to smash enemies for huge damage. Thankfully, only one or two bosses can attack you in rock form, so you’ll be invincible for most of the time. For those seeking a challenge, however, you still have dozens of abilities to choose from!

Lastly, beating the game lets you play as original art Kirby in the story mode and gives you one final ending movie!

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Final Thoughts.

Initially, Kirby: Star Allies was the weakest of the recent Kirby games. The current Director, Shinya Kumazaki, began the current era of the series with Kirby: Super Star Ultra for DS.

That said, Star Allies felt easier than Planet Robobot and shorter as well. Even with all the modes, it felt like a 20-hour experience at most for the full price of a Switch title. As someone who rarely grieves about price point for a game, Star Allies felt like a shortchange. Less even about the price point and more that the Kirby titles before it were simply better and featured more content. Outside of the co-op experience, it felt like run-of-the-mill for the series.

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

Thanks to this new DLC, however, I immediately became interested once again. This new campaign would prove to be challenging, fun, and share new insight on the storyline. It would give me a reason to play as the DLC Dream Friends and enjoy another 5+ hours of gameplay.

But the Soul Melter EX difficulty caught me completely by surprise. I didn’t even know this was part of the challenge. But it made the experience all the more satisfying.

Thanks to the Kirby: Star Allies DLC package, I can safely say this game is worth the full price now. If you love Kirby and was considering Star Allies for Switch, I can certainly recommend it now! Veteran Kirby players will truly appreciate the challenge, which may very well be the single-hardest in the series. It is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Kirby: Star Allies DLC

You can buy the Kirby: Star Allies DLC for Nintendo Switch online or on the eShop. All the DLC is 100% free! Let us know in the comments if you have this game or plan to play it soon!

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