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Little Dragons Café Announced from Harvest Moon Creator

Dragons and a Café make for an interesting combo.

Dave Karev



Harvest Moon series creator Yasuhiro Wada was revealed to be working on a cute new project with Aksys Games. Little Dragons Café is the name of Wada’s upcoming title; which is set to be released sometime later this Summer for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Little Dragons Café features some interesting mechanics that fit in perfectly with Yasuhiro Wada’s design philosophy.

“Wada and I have been friends for a decade, and we’ve discussed teaming up on a new IP for about half that time,” says Akibo Shieh, founder and CEO of Aksys Games, “It wasn’t until Little Dragons Café that our schedules finally lined up so we were able to work together on a project, and the game has been in development for two years now.”

The story in Little Dragons Café starts off with brother and sister twins helping out their mother run their little café. Everything seems to be running just fine until the twins find their mother in a deep sleep, unable to wake her up. Seemingly out of nowhere an unfamiliar old man appears to offer the twins a solution. They will have to raise a dragon in order to save their comatose mother. Together the twins will have to manage the family café, raise a baby dragon, and ultimately save their mother!

Little Dragons Café will have players learn new recipes to cook up for the many hungry customers visiting the café; as well as growing fresh ingredients and fishing to provide the best tasting dishes. You’ll be able to explore the world around you to discover new and exciting recipes, expanding your restaurant and menu. Lastly raising your dragon with the proper love and nutrition will have your companion reaching their hidden potential.

Much like the Harvest Moon series; Little Dragons Café is sounding to be a charming title with similar mechanics and design. We’re certainly excited to learn more about Little Dragons Café!

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