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Hello dear readers, if you’re one of the many currently visiting the site we have some news to share with everyone. We are currently looking for more contributors for the site, people to submit articles, news, reviews, and videos. So why are we asking this? Well to simply put it we are short staffed. As of right now there isn’t a whole lot of content flowing through the site as it’s mostly run by just one person – crazy I know!

NerdBite was started for one reason, the love of video games. Most of you are gamers like myself and running this site out of my own pocket and free time isn’t always easy, but I enjoy dabbling in writing and playing games whenever I can. These two passions of mine are thrown in together and poured into this site. As of right now we aren’t earning enough revenue through the ads to pay anyone, including myself. With this being a hobby of mine I am looking for other like minded individuals, someone to help with the content around here. If I could pay contributors I honestly would, I know that’s a big motive for talented writers and people looking to move up in this industry; however what I can offer is getting the experience needed to peruse other opportunities in the gaming industry. Why haven’t I jumped to similar opportunities? It’s simple, I always wanted to run my own website. In the past I wrote for similar websites and doing so made me realize I wanted to start my own. I have managed to secure contacts with some of the biggest publishers around like Nintendo, access to many press releases, the occasional review copy, and press events.

Coming from YouTube and other social media I know what it takes to gain an audience, and that is being active. The more active you are the more people you attract, whether it’s 10 people, 100, or 1000. The numbers are there, slowly but surely with enough dedication, motivation, and passion you can achieve your goals. So looking at myself, why hasn’t this website taken off? Like I said earlier you need to be active, it’s simply not realistic for me to run a website how I envision it to be. To compete with other sites you need to have the content to match, of course it goes without saying that there are countless of gaming sites out there. What separates NerdBite is that we focus on writing entertaining and informative articles, mostly geared towards video games news. We do our best to stay neutral and just focus on the games themselves, because in the end it’s all about the games. NO bias, clickbait titles, or slandering games, just honest coverage. If we can really do all that then we can separate ourselves and our work here. If you want to join the NerdBite team and write for us, then contact us down below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.






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