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Modern Warfare’s Year Long PS4 Exclusive Mode Announced, Loot Boxes Leaked

Mason Sylvia



Yesterday’s story reveal trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was packed with action, intrigue, and seriously impressive visuals. It also contained a rather controversial announcement at the video’s end. Returning to the franchise is the Special Operations (Spec-Ops) Survival mode, which was last seen eight years ago in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and it was highlighted that the Survival mode within the Spec-Ops component is exclusive to PlayStation 4 players until October 2020. For anyone who was affected by the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity to Xbox back in 2015 knows that an entire year is an excruciatingly long wait in the gaming industry.

Activision had stated previously that “post-launch gameplay content, including new multiplayer maps, new multiplayer modes, special ops missions, and more will release simultaneously across all platforms,” but that no longer seems to be the case in lieu of partnership with Sony. It comes as a minimal surprise given the fact that the previous 2v2 Gunfight Alpha for the upcoming Modern Warfare was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and the Closed and Open Beta launched first on PlayStation 4 as well.

It’s worth mentioning that Activision has not been vocal about the announcement whatsoever, but Taylor Kurosaki, Infinity Ward Narrative Director, has been responding to comments and questions on Twitter. Kurosaki has stated in a response to a tweet:

“It’s all good. We have tried our best to have an open dialogue with our players from day one. We understand letting that trust down. These are complicated decisions that are above our pay grade. Please know we want what’s best for all our players.”

Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager, Ashton Williams, took to Reddit to provide further clarification in the Modern Warfare subreddit, stating:

“To be clear, our all-new Special Ops mode will be releasing on all platforms on October 25th. We’re looking forward to revealing Special Ops on October 8th. When we launch on October 25th, everyone on all platforms will be getting Modern Warfare which includes Campaign, the all-new Special Ops mode and the entirety of Multiplayer, which is a massive experience we’ve worked to create. Special Ops Survival is an additional, classic mode that will be available on PS4,” she wrote in response to the backlash.

“We have made many changes this year with the goal to make the entire experience better for all of the Call of Duty community, including no season pass, crossplay across all platforms, and that all post-release maps and modes will be coming to all platforms at the same time. We understand that some may still be disappointed to not be able to play classic Special Ops Survival day one, we hear you. Please know that we are working hard to make sure this is the best Call of Duty we’ve ever made and the best experience possible for fans.”

It comes as no surprise that Twitter and Reddit have blown up with commentary, feedback, and backlash at the revelation, with countless Redditors posting screenshots to the Modern Warfare subreddit showing confirmation of pre-order cancellations. Despite the fact that no one knew about the inclusion of the Survival mode until yesterday’s exclusivity reveal, and previous iterations in past Modern Warfare titles were considered unfavorable by players, the general consensus seems to be frustration over the principle of the exclusivity deal.

Adding fuel to the already roaring fire, a known whistleblower and leaker, The Gaming Revolution (@TheGamingRevoYT), took to Twitter to drop some more bad news regarding Infinity Ward’s latest game. His tweet illustrates a rumor that emotes, player titles, weapon skins, and weapons themselves are coming in post-launch as loot boxes, known as ‘supply drops’ in the Call of Duty franchise. Despite most of the whistleblower’s previous leaks proving to be true, rumors are rumors until confirmed, so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Update (9/26/19; 1:32PM EST): Infinity Ward Studio Art Director, Joel Emslie, took to Reddit this afternoon and issued a statement regarding the feedback and backlash to the recent announcements. In his statement, he’s quoted to say, “There are some announcements that have come up this week that are official and some that are rumors. My ask of all of you is to focus on information that is actually fact and not get thrown off by ill informed people that want to make a name for themselves by spreading half baked inflammatory rumors.” While unconfirmed, this was most likely an aim at the “leaks” on Twitter by The Gaming Revolution.

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