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New Beginnings

Dave Karev



When I first launched GamePunch back in early 2012, I had high hopes of running a successful gaming blog. Now fast forward 8 months and we are here. You cannot succeed without first failing – that is when we learn from our mistakes. I have learned a lot about myself over the past year. I know I am capable of running a successful website. With NerdBite I want to learn from my past mistakes and focus on building a better website. Centered around video games and nerd culture. With the new name change and redesign, this is our fresh start. Our new beginning.


NerdBite founder and news editor. When I'm not writing about video games, I'm out eating sushi and rewatching LOST for the hundredth time. Some of my favorite games include; Wind Waker, Red Dead Redemption, and Witcher 3.

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