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New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows Off Story Mode & Fighters

Get a glimpse of the story mode and Androids in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dave Karev



An all new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ has arrived, and its making the wait for the game that much harder. Even more gameplay was shown off, with Androids 16, 17, and 18 making an appearance. As well as the rest of the set of characters revealed so far. Towards the end of the trailer, there was a short tease for the upcoming story mode in the game. Not much was really shown, except for a few glimpses of different cutscenes with multiple fighters. However; the biggest surprise we got to see in the trailer was a February 2018 release date for the game.

With every new trailer or gameplay video released for Dragon Ball FighterZ, we get to see developer Arc System Works bring the Dragon Ball anime to life with their title. With nearly identical visuals and animations, Dragon Ball FighterZ just might be the fighting game fans of the anime series have been waiting for. If you want to get a hands on experience with team based fighter, you can sign up for the closed beta here. Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this upcoming February.

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