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Our Favorite Moments From E3 2015

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There were quite a few memorable and notable moments from this year’s E3, some more than others, but all still worth remembering. E3 is closing up soon, and with so many big announcements and news to take in, it can be a bit overwhelming too keep track of it all. Let’s have a look at some of the more unforgettable ones as we recap our thoughts on them.


Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Reveal

Before their full E3 reveal, Bethesda teased us with a countdown site that lead to them ultimately announcing Fallout 4 via a trailer. People quickly got excited and the buzz surrounding the next Fallout game was at an all time high. Then shortly after Bethesda held their E3 press conference and blew the lid off Fallout 4, it was pretty astounding. Even more so, Fallout 4 is officially launching this November, with the wait between the announcement and release only a few months away. What Bethesda showed at their conference got us even more thrilled to play Fallout 4; from the new gameplay features, game locations, graphical update, character, weapon, and player-based customization, all of this added to our existing excitement for the game. It was definitely one of the best game reveals from this years E3 or any for that matter.

Xbox One

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

A delightful surprise from Microsoft was the announcement of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, cheers soared from the crowds as Phil Spencer revealed the big news. Although only a handful of selected and approved Xbox 360 games will be playable on the Xbox One, Microsoft is planning on having hundreds more come in the future. This means the catalog for the Xbox One will be massive in the months and even years ahead. Replaying your favorite classics on the Xbox 360 right on your Xbox One is not only convenient, but preserves your massive library you acquired over the lifespan of the Xbox 360.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst; the renewal of Faith

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is the long overdue, second installment in the Mirror’s Edge franchise. With the first game having been released nearly seven years ago, I’ve
been itching to discover what happened to Faith and Kate at the end of the last game. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait even longer. Despite a lot of people referring to Catalyst as “Mirror’s Edge 2,” DICE made a point to quickly correct the speculation, informing us that it isn’t a sequel. Well, crap. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers! It’s been far too long since I’ve stepped into Faith’s Puma Xuvia-looking shoes and fought against the oppression of a totalitarian regime in brilliant parkour glory. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is boasting some insane visuals here and primarily, I’m glad there’s more color and texture to the city than in the white bleached predecessor. Guns are completely gone…sort of. Enemies will still use guns against Faith, but she is not able to use them herself. I think everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when that was announced, because using guns in Faith’s world really does defeat the purpose of the flow of movement within the game’s parkour mechanics. I just hope they went ahead and removed those rhythm-breaking elevators that took too long. I would have preferred the stairs, honestly.


Kingdom Hearts III: A return to the series

Square Enix had a lot to show at their press conference, but one game stood out the most to me. An all new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III was revealed, bringing back classic characters like Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy to fight waves of enemies in brand-new locations, showing off next-gen visuals and gameplay for the series. Bits of story information were seen in the trailer, but didn’t give away too much. The game is currently in development with no confirmed release window, but eager fans have been patiently waiting for a third game in the main Kingdom Hearts franchise for quite some time now. Let’s hope Square Enix can give us a proper send off to Sora and his friends.


Rise of the Tomb Raider: The adventurous Lara

Rise of the Tomb Raider looks like it’s going to be the most massive and ambitious Tomb Raider game to date. Having watched the gameplay demonstration, I was utterly blown away and was really delivered that ‘wow’ factor that gives me hope that Lara Croft might one day stand at the very top once again. It was great to see such cinematic action as Lara is thrust into the danger zone, trying to uncover lost historical secrets. I’m absolutely in love with Lara’s new look— it’s much more refined and detailed than her 2013 model, with significantly improved hair detail and physics. I feel as though this representation of Lara is the ultimate one and I do hope they keep the same face going forward. With some pretty outstanding visuals and massive playgrounds to explore and traverse, Rise of the Tomb Raider might just be that solid follow up to a bold and striving re-imagining of the humble beginnings of a classic video game heroine.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: The one that shocked them all

No one saw this one coming, but boy was it sure a nice surprise. Fans only speculated and requested that Final Fantasy VII be remade with modern visuals and gameplay mechanics, and Sony gave them just that. Only a teaser trailer was shown, with no real gameplay revealed, but that was enough to make fans go crazy with deep nostalgia. One of the most iconic games from the PlayStation One era was Final Fantasy VII, with graphics to match the new console at the time. Seeing the game be announced and come to the PlayStation 4 and later platforms is pretty amazing.


Shenmue 3: The rival

A series that made its original debut on the Dreamcast is finally coming to Sony’s Playstation. A love letter to fans and series director Yu Suzuki, the revival of the series is being funded by Kickstarter and as of today has reached its goal. Sony is helping with development cost as well, giving fans the Shenmue game we’ve all waited for. Shenmue popularized the step into 3D open-world gameplay and design, later popularized by Grand Theft Auto III. Bringing back Shenmue with the help of fans is a pretty cool and continuing the story 14 years later is crazy to believe.

Look at the lovely view Sully

There were a few games and announcements we left out, however, we felt they were worth including at the very least. Sometimes we get so caught up with the buzz surrounding the bigger reveals from E3, often times we forget about other quality games shown. Naughty Dog impressed us once again with their E3 demo, showing Nathan drive through the lively city streets as he escapes to safety. Guerrilla Games wowed us with their brand-new IP, blending both past and future together in an open-world environment. Laid among the ruins of a lost civilization, a “world where mankind is not the dominant species, and highly advanced machines sit at the top of the food chain,” Guerrilla Games describes. And lastly the adorable and touching Unravel from EA showed us you don’t need a big budget game to get us interested. Unravel demonstrates “breathtaking environments of Northern Scandinavia” in this “physics-based puzzle platformer” starring Yarny, a “tiny new character made from a single thread of yarn.” With that you have our favorite moments from this year’s E3, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for gamers. Until then, see you next time with our E3 coverage.




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