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Overwatch Datamine Points to Summer Games Returning with New Items

A user has datamined Overwatch and uncovered a lot of goodies.

Dave Karev



Seasonal events have become a staple for Overwatch since the game launched last May. Since then, Overwatch has received multiple updates, heroes; and fan favorite events that include new items, modes and skins. Last year Blizzard debuted the first event for Overwatch, the Summer Games. This fun event gave us over a hundred new items, including some cool hero skins, and a Rocket League type mode called Lúcioball. Its been nearly a whole year since we last saw the Summer Games, which lasted around three weeks.

Luckily we might not have to wait much longer for another Summer Games to arrive. A reddit user recently datamined the latest live version of Overwatch, revealing another Summer Games event. Last year the Summer Games went with a sports theme, going along with the 2016 Olympics at the time. This year we might be going to the beach, with the data strings found suggesting a refreshing beach theme. There were also clues found pointing to Lúcioball returning, along with forty new items. Not only did the data reference the Summer Games, there were also hints of a console report system coming along. This has been a much requested feature for console players for quite some time now.

Here is what the report system could possibly include once a player gets reported on:

“After a thorough investigation of the evidence, we have Suspended your Overwatch account. As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances.”

Like so many other events before in Overwatch, there were plenty of items that not everyone got a chance to get in the lootboxes. With Blizzard toning down the amount of duplicates players get in a lootbox, maybe this is one event where you can get your favorite hero skins! I personally didn’t grab a single skin from last years Summer Games event, and I’m hoping to get a Lúcio skin this time around. Until then, we’re going to wait on Blizzard’s official announcement.


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