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Pokemon Masters Now Available for Mobile




Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters

Nintendo released Pokemon Masters at the end of August 2019. Pokemon Masters, a spin-off of the titular monster-catching JRPG franchise, is a gacha game for mobile devices. Unlike other Pokemon games, you’ll find heavy focus on recruiting Trainers and interacting with them. Coming several years off the release of Niantic’s popular Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters, which is developed by DeNa, takes a different approach on the world’s premiere monster-catching series!

What is Pokemon Masters?

Unlike the aforementioned Pokemon Go, you won’t spend time catching Pokemon in the game. Rather, you interact with Trainers and compete in a league against others. Much like similar crossover gacha titles, Pokemon Masters features a crossover cast of past characters in the series. Among them include various Trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and champions from the mainline titles. You’ll see appearances from many of your favorite Trainers featuring voice acting as well as animations.Pokemon Masters

In Pokemon Masters, you’ll meet trainers as you compete in the Pokemon Masters League on the island of Pasio. As you collect badges, you’ll invite other trainers, primarily Gym Leaders, to join your team. You’ll battle alongside them as you continue your journey to collect badges and fight against Team Break, an evil organization bent on stealing Pokemon.

What separates this game from the rest?

Unlike mainline Pokemon titles, you only fight with one Pokemon. In the Trainer’s case, you start with a Pikachu. In Pokemon Masters, you”ll fight 3v3 battles against opposing trainers. You’ll build a team of three trainers and take on up to two battles in each segment of a chapter before fighting the boss battle.

Pokemon Masters

Each Pokemon/Trainer combination is known as a “Sync Pair.” They’re static based on the Pokemon they use and the moves they can learn. As a result, the game’s type advantage system is heavily simplified. There aren’t many types to remember for strengths and weaknesses. Each Sync Pair has one weakness type. For instance, even Pikachu can zap ground type Pokemon, like Graveler.

Gacha elements.

As with other gacha RPGs, Pokemon Master is free-to-play. As a result, you can spend money to buy summoning jewels, but the game will never require you to do so in order to progress. With that said, the game will offer banners to summon other trainers. You’ll get chances several times a month to summon new trainers with the jewels you’ve collected in the game.

Pokemon Masters

The team-building mechanics and simplified battle mechanics play akin to other gacha titles, such as Fire Emblem Heroes or Brave Exvius. You can progress quickly through story chapters and even Auto-Battle your way through the game. Unfortunately, unlike other gacha titles, Auto-Battling does more harm than good due to the poor A.I.

Pokemon Masters

Once you make it past Chapter 10, you will unlock co-op mode! This will allow you to battle together with friends! Take on missions with teammates together in real time!

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Masters is a great entry point for newcomers as well as an ideal battling title for Pokemon fans alike. Fans of gacha games will familiarize themselves immediately with the game while Pokemon veterans will take note of the simplicity of the system. You’ll fight in team battles, which will require strategy and training. But players will quickly pick up on the mechanics.

Pokemon Masters

If you enjoy Pokemon and own a smartphone or tablet, definitely try it. Nintendo games are great about not forcing monetary commitment for gacha. You won’t have to spend a dime to progress in this game. That option is solely at the player’s discretion. With that said, if you enjoy fast-paced battles, remixes from past Pokemon games, familiar faces, and new challenges, add Pokemon Masters to your library today!

Pokemon Masters

Thank you for reading our preview piece on Pokemon Masters. Have you tried the game yet? Which Trainer is your favorite overall? Let us know in the comments below!

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