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Pokkén Tournament DX Announced for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will be getting its first Pokémon game with Pokkén Tournament DX.

Dave Karev



The Nintendo Switch will be getting its first Pokémon game later this year with Pokkén Tournament DX. The former arcade and Wii U exclusive Pokkén Tournament, will be making its way over to the Nintendo Switch. Announced today during Nintendo’s Pokémon Direct, Pokkén Tournament DX will be coming to the Switch on September 22.

In one complete package, Pokkén Tournament DX includes all the previous content from both versions of Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U and Arcade. In addition, there will be some new content and features added to Pokkén Tournament DX. A new fighter joins the roster, as well as four other Pokémon not seen on the Wii U version. These new fighters are; Decidueye, Darkrai, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Scizor.

Pokkén Tournament DX will include a new 3v3 gamemode, as well as a new way to play against your friends. Players will be able to use individual Joy-Con controllers to battle each other on a single Switch console. For those who missed out on the arcade and Wii U versions of Pokkén Tournament, will be getting the definitive version of the game on the Switch. This is great for anyone who missed out on Pokkén Tournament before, and is looking for a new title to get on their Switch.

Here are all the new features added to Pokkén Tournament DX:

  • Play Pokkén anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch – Play Pokkén Tournament DX in TV mode, handheld mode, or share a Joy-Con controller with another Trainer to battle one-on-one in tabletop mode anywhere!
  • A brand-new fighter — Decidueye enters the battle, alongside all previous Pokémon from the Wii U and arcade versions.
  • New Support Pokémon – Litten and Popplio make their debut to lend their support in battle.
  • Team Battle mode – Pick three Pokémon and battle it out to be the first to defeat all your opponent’s Pokémon to win in the new Team Battle mode.
  • Group Match mode – Find similar skilled players in battle rooms for intense and fun battles online.
  • Daily Challenges – Complete a variety of different daily challenges.
  • Watch battle replays – Hone your skills by watching other players’ replays and share your best matches online with the new replay feature.
  • Jump straight into battle – All characters and Support Pokémon will be available right from the start of the game.

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