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R. Mika’s Infamous Buttslap Returns Thanks to Mods

Dave Karev



The busty fighter known as R.Mika in Street Fighter V had a rather flashy celebration, that involved the fighter heavily slapping her own butt. Capcom quietly toned down the celebration, making the buttslap appear out of view. Capcom’s decision to remove the celebration was due to them not wanting something in the game that would make “someone uncomfortable”.

People of all ages play Street Fighter, so for Capcom it made sense to remove something that might offend people. Of course there were people that weren’t too happy, yelling out censorship and threatening to cancel their pre-orders. Well now that Street Fighter V is officially out, someone has found a way to bring back R.Mika’s infamous buttslap. A reddit user modded the PC version of Street Fighter V, bringing back R.Mika’s butt celebration in full form. A warning for those who want to download the mod, since there’s no telling how online play will be affected or anything else. Users are claiming the mod works as advertised, but download at your own risk!

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