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Report: New Fable Game in Development

The Fable series is set for a comeback.

Dave Karev



A new Fable adventure may just be on its way, if reports from Eurogamer are to be believed. Sources close to the Fable project revealed that studio Playground Games is in charge of the development. Most famous for their highly entertaining Forza Horizon series, the U.K. based studio may just revive the Fable franchise after the closure of Lionhead Studios and cancellation of Fable Legends.

The unannounced Fable title is said to be in the initial stages of development, with Playground Games expanding the size of the team working on the game. Eurogamer reports that close to 200 people are involved in the project, with the studio planning a “significant investment” into the title. The Fable game is said to be story and character driven, centered around the series familiar open-world RPG elements.

After the incredible success of Guerrilla Games’ ambitious open-world title Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s said that Microsoft was motivated to bring back the Fable franchise after seeing all of the praise for the Sony exclusive game – Eurogamer reports. It makes sense that Microsoft would want to benefit from Sonys’ own success with Horizon Zero Dawn. A quality Fable title, with classic RPG elements and a stunning open-world could attract more gamers to pick up an Xbox system. Playground Games is certainly qualified and talented enough to revive the beloved Fable series, as their latest title Forza Horizon 3 is one of the best games currently available on the Xbox One. This could very well be a project worth seeing through the end for Microsoft, lets just hope that this Fable adventure sees the light of day.

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