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Take-Two Renews Agent Trademark, Again




Rockstar’s appearance at Gamescom left many wondering what they have up their sleeve. A recent trademark renewal for Agent suggests that Rockstar is finally ready to reveal the game to the public again, after years of prolonged silence.

A user on the GTAForums by the name of toxluv discovered the trademark renewal on The United States Patent and Trademark Office website. The trademark was renewed on June 4th of 2015 by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. This makes it the third official trademark registration for the game, as the game previously had its trademark renewed twice on June of 2013, two years ago.

Rockstar’s secretive nature towards Agent has left many scratching their heads, questioning whether or not the game even exists at this point. In case you’re not fully aware of Agent’s background, the title was initially announced back in 2009 during Sony’s press conference event at E3. It was revealed to be a spy thriller action game focusing a strong narrative set in the Cold War era, originally planned to be a PS3 exclusive. In 2011, Former SCEA President and CEO, Jack Tretton, revealed in an E3 interview that the game was still in active development; however, he wasn’t entirely confident whether or not the exclusive partnership between Rockstar and Sony was still secured. From there, no word regarding Agent has ever come from Rockstar’s mouth. With the recent trademark registration for Agent and Rockstar’s concurrent appearance at Gamescom 2015, it’s safe to say that Agent is still in active development.




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