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Shenmue I & II HD comes to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam later this year!

Experience both Shenmue titles later this year in HD!




Shenmue HD Compilation Releases in 2018.

Shenmue I & II HD is coming to the current generation! Originally released on the Sega Dreamcast, Shenmue was granted the high honor of being one of the most popular games on the console. An adventure title with a story about revenge, Shenmue’s saga continued on the Xbox in 2002. Despite a third game originally never released, the Kickstarter campaign brought to life the single-biggest funding campaign for any video game in history. Shenmue III’s announcement shocked the world in 2015.

Shenmue I & II HD

With a large, generational gap spanning over 15 years, veteran fans fondly remember Shenmue while new fans are eager to learn what it’s about. The #SaveShenmue Twitter campaign page, @TeamYu, reached nearly 10k Followers, with players trending the hashtag for over three years. With the recent Sega FES event come and gone, Sega confirmed that Shenmue I & II HD will come to current gen consoles in 2018. You can watch the trailer here.

Shenmue I & II HD Features.

Shenmue’s voice acting was less than perfect. While nostalgic fans will certainly take value in some of the comedic cries and lines, newcomers may take a not-so-kind approach to the game’s voice direction. Luckily, the HD version includes the original Japanese voice acting, allowing players to pick and choose which language they want to hear the game in. Furthermore, Shenmue I & II HD allows the player to choose their own controls as well. You can find more changes here.

Shenmue I & II HD

Sega’s hit title offers a unique combat experience. QTEs will judge the course of battle, while exploration is paramount to the experience. Asking people questions, playing arcade games, and checking your Notebook will keep the player on their quest. Proper guidance from these characters will keep the player from getting lost through the various districts of the city. Whether you’re fighting thugs or searching for sailors, Ryo Hazuki’s quest will keep the player glued to their screen. Finally, if you’re familiar with Yakuza, another popular Sega series, you may already be familiar with the open-world city setting, accomplishing side-quests along the way, and taking the fight to bad guys on the street.

Shenmue I & II HD hits shelves and digital shops later this year. You can preorder the Shenmue HD compilation from Amazon.

Thanks for reading our coverage of  Shenmue I & II HD. Did you play the original games for Dreamcast and Xbox? Are you a newcomer looking forward to the adventure? Comment your thoughts below!

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