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Here’s What’s Included in the Latest Super Smash Bros 2.0.0 Update

Nintendo has released the latest patch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.




Smash update

*Note: Please do not play All-Star Mode with Piranha Plant. Until the game is patched, you may corrupt your save data!

If you lose your data, you can use Save Data Backup to restore it. However, best not to tempt it!

Smash update is out!

Nintendo released Version 2.0.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Tuesday, January 29th. Featuring a host of character changes, it also included a new character into the mix: Piranha Plant from the Mario series!

Players who digitally downloaded the game or registered it via My Nintendo could claim the character with a code. If you have not yet, be sure to register the game on your Switch and check your e-mail for a download code. Otherwise, you may have to wait until February to download the character from the eShop.

What’s new?

In addition to the Piranha Plant, Nintendo included a brief list of changes in the patch. In addition to bug fixes and a patch to online, Nintendo included four-player mode for Spirit Board. You can also purchase new Spirits from the shop as well.

Smash update

For the first time in the company’s history, however, Nintendo included a full list of character patch notes. These notes individually detail each character’s changes. You can find the list here.

Brief update on some of the patch notes.

Smash update

Nintendo’s choice to detail character patch notes was received well by players on Twitter. Perhaps this indicates Nintendo will outline more detailed changes in the future.

Given the patch notes, Bowser, Jigglypuff, and Incineroar received a number of buffs. Mega Man lost one of his pivotal combos, pellets into Leaf Shield, however. Also, neither Chrom nor Ike can rely on using Up B to spike the enemy off the stage.

Smash update

Multiple characters received buffs for their landing lag on aerials, such as Ganondorf. Plus the Ice Climbers can now sync much better. However, Nintendo has yet to mention whether Fountain of Dreams’ framerate drop patched or will be patched in the future. The characters also still load for several seconds once selecting them.

We’ll keep you updated on more info as Nintendo continues their updates of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Thanks for reading our Smash update! Did you find a buff that you were looking forward to? Did a character that plague you get the nerf you asked for? Let us know in the comments below!

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