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Star Wars: Battlefront to be shown at E3

Dave Karev



Battlefront fans eagerly awaiting for more footage of the game, will be happy to hear that EA has plans to showcase the game at E3 later next month. During EA’s investors conference call, CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the new Battlefront game being developed by DICE will be shown at E3.

We’re preparing a rich lineup of games for E3 this year that showcases our commitment to the player experience. This will include first looks, demos and other new announcements for many titles from this year’s slate. We also plan to unveil details on at least six new projects in development at EA.

Veteran developer DICE is hard at work on the new Star Wars: Battlefront game, which won’t be out until 2015. How much footage we’ll see at E3, remains to be seen. Whether we see gameplay or a new reveal trailer, we’re excited to see the game running – especially since the game runs on the Frostbite 3 engine, which should look spectacular!

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