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The Summer Games Are Coming Back to Overwatch Next Week

The seasonal event Summer Games are returning to Overwatch for the first time.

Dave Karev



This time last year Overwatch had its first event ever, The Summer Games. Now a year later, Blizzard is officially bringing back the event with some new items and discounts. In a developer update video for Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed the Summer Games are returning next week on August 8th.

The three week long event ends on the 28th, and will bring back skins and items from the first Summer Games. There will also be new items and skins coming to the event, with the old Summer Games skins available to purchase with credits. Previously you could only get the items through lootboxes, now Blizzard is offering up the older skins at a cool discount – with all the event items purchasable through in-game credits.

The heroes confirmed so far to get new skins are; Mercy, McCree, Junkratand Widowmaker. Jeff Kaplan teased that Mercy would be getting one of his favorite skins of all time, with Widowmaker and McCree fans being “really blown away”. Jeff even made a dig at Roadhog , saying he will not be getting anything. Of course he could just be kidding, and maybe Roadhog might be getting a fun skin.

Not only are new skins coming to the Summer Games, the fan favorite Lúcioball mode will be returning – with some added improvements and fixes. There will also be a competitive mode, for anyone that’s serious about their ball game. A new map will be playable in Lúcioball, with the previous one coming too. It looks like Blizzard will be kicking off the Summer Games to a great start, and hopefully we’ll get to see some awesome new skins for our favorite heroes.

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