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Super Mario Maker 2 Review




Super Mario Maker 2 Review

Super Mario Maker 2 is a hybrid 2D platformer and stage-building game released for Nintendo Switch in June 2019. Released as the sequel for Super Mario Maker on Wii U, the latest entry in the series offers everything from the original and much more. Among these additions include a full storyline campaign, new crafting elements, co-op mode, and even a new game theme!

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario 3D World debuts as latest theme to be featured in Super Mario Maker 2. Featuring everything from Super Bells to Piranha Creepers, Super Mario 3D World’s theme features many elements from the Wii U title except the 3D. Featuring a 2D recreation featuring the powerups, enemies, and aesthetics of 3D World, taking place in a side-scrolling environment. As a result, Nintendo’s hit Wii U Mario title finally makes its first showing on Nintendo Switch!


The aesthetics in Super Mario Maker 2 feature five themes: Super Mario Bros. (NES), Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U/Switch), and Super Mario 3D World (Wii U). As such, the varying generations all provide a different thematic. While the story mode itself features the modern 3D theme, the in-game stages all feature the aesthetics of the classic Mario games.

The music also offers the array of chiptunes and live instruments which vary depending on the theme you use. New to the game, however, are original musical themes for new stage types. Want to make a desert, night stage, snow theme, or a ghost house? You’ll hear new music as you play these stages!

Super Mario Maker 2


Much like in Super Mario Maker, you’ll craft and build stages based on classic Mario titles. You have many more options to use, both in terms of enemies and powerups. Plus you’ll get new stage items, such as the Clear Pipe from Super Mario 3D World, and even a night stage where you can have poisonous swamps in place of water. You can go online and play other players’ courses and even rate and comment on them.

Super Mario Maker 2

New to the series is the online mode. Players can play each other to race to the stage. However, the initial version of the game does not allow players to play online with friends. In addition, this causes its fair share of lag. Fortunately, its possible to play co-op mode offline with other players.

Super Mario Maker 2

As a classic 2D platformer, expect your usual jumping and powerup elements. However, you’ll find puzzling designs, such as wearing Buzzy Beetle helmets, collecting keys, and even manipulating enemies to hit faraway switches. Plus you’ll play stages in the Koopa Clown Car, shooting fireballs like you would in a shoot ’em up game!

Super Mario Maker 2 review

New Features

Story Mode adds a plotline to Super Mario Maker 2. The story involves building Peach a new castle, akin to the one in Super Mario 64. You can play over 100 missions, all with pre-made Nintendo courses featuring the various stage thematics. Each one offers a unique challenge and no two stages are alike. You can also talk to other NPCs to get new missions from them. The story mode alone is worth the purchase for any Mario fan who just wants to play the classic title some more.

Super Mario Maker 2

Finally, getting to play Super Mario 3D World mode is a treat to anyone who adored the Wii U title. Cat Mario comes complete with his scratching and climbing ability and you can play through many of the stage thematics, such as deserts, castles, and underwater. Stage themes like lava stages and sprawling savannahs are among the few omissions, however. But you will find many elements to craft levels with and plenty of challenge you can create for your players as if replicating a 2D version of the 3D title.

Super Mario Maker 2

Final Thoughts

Super Mario Maker 2 brings the loving charm of 2D Mario to the Nintendo Switch. Personally, I could always use more Mario stages to clear. Story mode was great and fairly lengthy with the variety of stages.

As far as the overall package goes, you’re looking at virtually endless replay value if you want to try out other players’ stages or create your own. You can also unlock gear for your in-game Mii, such as hats and outfits, showing off your builder profile along with your stages. Plus, thanks to the multiplayer option, it makes for an ideal party title!

Super Mario Maker 2

If you’re not a fan of crafting levels, you’ll find plenty to play on. Once you finish the Story mode, play online and find stages to play on. It’s the prime 2D Mario experience of this generation!

Super Mario Maker 2

Thank you for reading our Super Mario Maker 2 review. Do you have a favorite feature of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Super Mario Maker 2 Review
Building new legends.
Super Mario Maker 2 offers hours worth of levels in the story mode. I found it hard to pull away from the game for any amount of time. Plus stage building's new options give players a new layer of depth thanks to new items and the 3D World theme. If you're looking to play levels, create levels, or play with your friends, Super Mario Maker 2 has you covered. It offers tons of variety for any number of players in one polished, pretty package!
Over 100 premade levels
Tons more stage building options from its predecessor
3D World mode adds a welcoming new theme
Online mode causes lag
Currently cannot play with friends online

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