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Super Mario Odyssey Launches this October 27

The first Super Mario adventure for the Nintendo Switch has an official release date.

Dave Karev



Super Mario is ready to jump into the hands of Nintendo Switch owners everywhere on October 27th. During the latest Nintendo Direct, new information on Super Mario Odyssey was revealed. The upcoming globetrotting adventure takes Mario across various kingdoms, each one uniquely different. Super Mario Odyssey’s story has Mario rescuing Princess Peach once again from Bowser; however this time its to stop his awful wedding plans. A new friend named Cappy joins Mario along the journey, helping him with his awesome abilities.

Together Mario and Cappy will go across multiple kingdoms, using their powers to fight their way to Bowser and ultimately rescue both Princess Peach and Cappy’s sister Tiara. Mario’s new friend Cappy will grant our hero new abilities, taking the shape of Mario’s iconic hat Cappy will make sure to go anywhere Mario does. A new capturing ability will allow Mario to take control of different kinds of enemies, animals, and objects. This awesome power will literally shape-shift Mario into whoever or whatever he captures, all thanks to Cappy!

To travel across the Kingdoms, Mario will fly to new locations aboard his ship The Odyssey. Unlocking other Kingdoms will require Mario to collect Power Moons, these will be scattered across the Kingdoms for Mario to collect. Each Kingdom will require a different amount of Power Moons to travel to, so you’ll want to try and find every last one–if you do something cool might happen. Some will be hidden away, solved with a puzzle, or behind a boss encounter. There will also be more than collecting in Super Mario Odyssey; mini-games will be available to play, with online leaderboards and Power Moons as rewards if you do good enough. You can also dress Mario in style with the Crazy Cap; this dress shop will allow you to customize Mario with all sorts of different outfits and stickers for his ship. If you’re enjoying the scenery in the game; you can use the brand new snapshot mode to capture any cool moments you see.

If somehow you’re not convinced on Super Mario Odyssey; you can watch the new gameplay footage from the Nintendo Direct. There was a lot of gameplay revealed with neat little details to see. Super Mario Odyssey will be launching on October 27; there will be a special themed Switch bundle with “Mario-themed red Joy-Con controllers and a special carrying case”. The bundle will retail for $379.99, we’re sure it will sell out immediately. If you’re not able to grab a bundle you can always get the exclusive amiibos for Super Mario Odyssey; they will help out Mario on his new adventure.

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