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There’s a lot of New DLC Announced for Super Smash Bros.




There is a lot being shown off in this short video for Super Smash Bros. for an 18 minute video, but here we go:

  • Two new fighters, Roy from Fire Emblem with a new look and reportedly stronger than he was in Melee and Ryu from Street Fighter, who will be using his signature moves such as Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Hurricane Kick, with all his moves having varying levels of strength depending on button input and how long you hold the button for can increase his damage output.
  • New Stages. Dream Land from the Kirby games featuring Wispy Woods, the Miiverse stage which will have posts from the Miiverse appearing in and out of screen (this stage is also free!), and Suzaku Castle from Street Fighter which will have multiple tracks to listen to while you play
  • New Costumes for Mii Fighters. Featuring Akira and Jacky from Virtua Fighter, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, Megaman.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network, Zero from Mega Man X, Inkling Boy and Girl and Squid Hat from Splatoon, and Heihachi from Tekken.
  • Of course new Amiibos why would there not be? There will eventually be an Amiibo for every fighter, and there are even three for the Mii Fighters.

The best part is that this stuff (besides the Amiibos) are available today! All at varying prices, you can get all of this and in bundles for Wii U and 3DS. It makes me sad that I’m still waiting on a new power cord for my Wii U gamepad so I can’t play! Still, this is a lot of cool stuff to get into the game and makes me think that we could be seeing more added to Smash Bros for quite some time.

Yet no Shovel Knight? Come on Nintendo…I need some Shovelry!




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