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Ubisoft Drops Online Passes For Good

Rory Bettany



Ubisoft have announced that as of today, gamers will no longer need an Online Pass to play all the features of their newest release, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. In addition, they have also announced that no future game they release will require an Online Pass to use any features on the disk. It seems the company have spent too much time recently debating what players should be able to access with or without the extra pass, only available in new copies of the game. The straw that broke the perverbial camel’s back seems to have been the backlash from gamers unable to use the companion App for Assassin’s Creed 4, ‘Edwards Fleet’, because they didn’t buy a new copy of the game and therefore did not recieve a Uplay Passport. In Ubisofts official statement, they say they are listening to fan feedback and trying to ensure all customers get to experience their games in all their glory.

Gary Steinmen, Communications Manager at Ubisoft, writes, “Every new copy of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag includes the Uplay Passport code needed to unlock this online feature. However, we listen to our community and understand that there are concerns over some players’ ability to access this feature, so we have decided to eliminate the cost of the Uplay Passport for Black Flag. This ensures that everyone will be able to use the companion app, Edward’s Fleet, online multiplayer and available bonus content at no additional cost.”


“Gamers currently without a Uplay Passport for Black Flag will be able to download one for free from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. For those who have already purchased Uplay Passport for Black Flag, please contact your regional Ubisoft support.”

“What’s more, Uplay Passport will not be a part of any future Ubisoft games.”

“The Uplay Passport program was initiated as a means of giving customers full access and support for online multiplayer and features, along with exclusive content, bonuses and rewards. However, games today are blurring the line between offline and online, between what is “single player” and what is “multiplayer.” Based on that and on the feedback we received from you, we recognized that Passport is no longer the best approach for ensuring that all our customers have the best possible experience with all facets of our games.”

Surely this can only be good news for gamers, who have shown a distinct lack of enthusiasm towards the Online Pass movement which has stopped people from experiencing the full features of games when bought used, or rented, or lent to/from their friends. This show of good faith from Ubisoft to their fans will certainly improve their image in the eyes of core gamers, but only time will tell if other companies decide to follow suit.

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