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What you need to know about today’s Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct

Dave Karev



Today’s Nintendo Direct showed off several new additions and features for the Super Smash Bros games on the 3DS and Wii U. Smash fans will be happy to hear that Super Smash Bros will be coming later this year. With the 3DS version coming first, sometime this summer. The Wii U version is said to be released later this winter.

New characters were revealed, including Charizard and Greninja. Transformations are now gone, and instead Sheik and Zero Suit Samus are their own playable characters. Yoshi returns as well and now stands up on two-feet. Past characters have been reworked for the new Smash Bros, like Lucario getting its mega evolution from Pokemon X and Y. A number of other fighters have been rebalanced, so some of your favorite returning characters might have been buffed.

Multiplayer is returning and adds several new features, including two new modes for online multiplayer: “For Fun” and “For Glory.”

For Fun

  • Only records player wins
  • Puts opponents against each other in random stages (excluding Final Destination)
  • Includes all items

For Glory

  • Wins and losses are tracked
  • No items allowed
  • Only features Final Destination levels

The 3DS version gets its own exclusive multiplayer mode called “Smash Run”. Four players are put against each other and battle their way through a maze like level before the timer runs out. You’ll be able to fight randomized enemies and collect power ups.

All new items, trophies, and Pokemon have been introduced. Certain items include the steel diver, fairy bottle, smart bomb, x bomb, and lot’s more. Pokemon now come in master balls and include rare Pokemon like Arceus, Xerneas, Meloetta, Entei, Deoxys, and more. Assist trophies return along with all new trophies, including Dark Samus, Nintendog, Waluigi, and many more.

Stages include both old and new ones, with version exclusive ones for the 3DS and Wii U. Bosses will appear on certain stages, including a new boss called the Yellow Devil.

Super Smash Bros Game Designer, Masahiro Sakurai revealed a ton of new information in today’s Nintendo Direct. We’re sure we’ll hear more news on the game in the upcoming months. Until then, stay tuned for any additional news on the games.

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