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Yooka-Laylee leaps through stretch goals during weekend



Hey there, how was your weekend? Take time off, enjoy the magic of Saturday’s “Free Comic Book Day” or some other fun activity? Well for Playtonic Games, the folks behind Yooka-Laylee the weekend was full of earning the money needed for their game and so much more.

The Kickstarter began Friday at noon with the goal of £175,000 to fully release the game. Within an hour, the game was funded. By Saturday evening every stretch goal, including extra bosses, multiplayer, and the game releasing simultaneously on all platforms had been well surpassed. Even one of the two extra stretch goals has been completed, now leaving only the £1,500,000 goal of a full orchestra for the game, and with forty-two days left and having already reached £1,353,858 so far I think it’s safe to bet it will make this final goal, with a promise that any money made after will go to improving the game.

I have to say, this is quite impressive, I funded the game quickly upon learning it had begun, and I’m honestly contemplating moving my pledge up just to get a digital copy of the art-book and the music. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out yet I highly recommend checking out the page and seeing if you wanna see just how great this game could really end up being.




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