First Wives Club Triumphs on Netflix: A Global Sensation

In a surprising twist, the television adaptation of the beloved 1996 comedy, The First Wives Club, has become a global phenomenon on Netflix, securing its spot on the Top 10 English-language shows chart for the week of November 20 through November 26.

Premiering on BET+ in 2019, the remake, featuring Michelle Buteau, Jill Scott, and Ryan Michelle Bathe (for the initial two seasons), has enjoyed considerable success. Despite three seasons under its belt, the fate of the show beyond its third season remains shrouded in uncertainty, keeping fans on edge awaiting news of renewal or cancellation.

Netflix recently introduced the first season of First Wives Club to its extensive catalogue, and the response has been nothing short of extraordinary. Securing an impressive No. 8 position on the global Top 10 English-language television shows chart, the show captured the attention of 1.7 million viewers, amassing an impressive 6.6 million viewing hours. Notably, First Wives Club stands as one of only two acquired shows on the chart, competing fiercely with popular Netflix originals such as Squid Game: The Challenge, The Crown season 6, and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 1.

Outperforming the viewership of some prominent titles, First Wives Club held its ground against the hit CBS sitcom Young Sheldon, making its debut on the Netflix chart with 2.1 million viewers this week. The global success prompts questions about the show’s future on its original network, BET+.

Season 3 of First Wives Club concluded in December 2022, leaving fans in suspense about the show’s continuity. The delay in announcements may be attributed to the 2023 Hollywood strikes, where writers and actors advocated passionately for fair pay, causing industry-wide disruptions that could have impacted decisions regarding the show’s future.

Another factor contributing to the uncertainty is Michelle Buteau’s reduced role in Season 3. Juggling commitments, Buteau simultaneously worked on Survival of the Thickest Season 1 for Netflix. With the fate of Survival of the Thickest also uncertain without renewal news, scheduling conflicts for Buteau might pose a challenge for the already altered cast dynamics of First Wives Club, given the departure of Ryan Michelle Bathe.

The looming question is whether the stars will align for First Wives Club Season 4. The unexpected success on Netflix could potentially sway decision-makers. If the show faces cancellation on BET+, Buteau’s continued association with Netflix, coupled with its remarkable performance on the streaming giant’s chart, might prompt Netflix to consider picking up the show for another season.

As fans eagerly await news on the fate of First Wives Club, its sudden surge in popularity on Netflix has undeniably thrust the show back into the limelight. The global reach of the streaming platform has propelled this sitcom into the homes of millions, leaving us to ponder whether this newfound success will serve as the catalyst for a revival, ensuring that the saga of revenge and camaraderie among first wives continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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