Frasier Reboot: The Unanswered Mystery of Sam’s Cheers in Boston

Kelsey Grammer’s return as the erudite psychiatrist in the Frasier reboot on Paramount+ has left fans elated, but one burning question looms over the beloved series: What happened to Sam Malone’s Cheers in Boston? Cheers co-writer Ken Levine recently shed light on this mystery during an episode of his podcast, Hollywood & Levine.

Despite the revival’s return to Boston, it became apparent early on that Frasier Crane had no intentions of revisiting his iconic drinking spot, Sam’s Cheers. While the 10-episode reboot did contain nods to Cheers, both the sitcom and the bar, it deliberately left the fate of the establishment ambiguous. In an intriguing revelation, Grammer mentioned that the Cheers writers seemed hesitant about revisiting Sam’s pub, though he didn’t delve into specific details of their discussions.

Levine, however, clarified the status of Sam’s underground pub, confirming that it is still open. On Hollywood & Levine, he expressed curiosity about Frasier’s reluctance to return, saying, “Frasier makes a couple of off-handed comments about Cheers, but you’re going, Cheers was so much a part of his life, how can he not be returning there? Did he hate it? Apparently not. Sam’s still there, and Norm is still there, and Cliff, maybe Woody.”

While the news of Cheers still operating might initially be seen as positive, it carries an underlying sense of melancholy. The thought of Norm enjoying his beer and wisecracking about Vera while Sam tends to his regulars paints a poignant picture of characters seemingly frozen in time, unable to move beyond the heyday of their bar camaraderie.

Levine’s contemplation on the characters’ inability to evolve beyond their preferred haunt adds a layer of tragedy to the storyline. The once vibrant and lively characters of Cheers, who spent countless nights together, now seem trapped in a perpetual loop of reliving their past. Perhaps it’s a stark reminder that for some, moving on from a cherished era is a more significant challenge than it appears.

The notion that Frasier Crane, with all his flaws and peculiarities, has managed to distance himself from the Cheers legacy raises questions about the other characters’ inability to do the same. While Frasier has evolved, embracing new chapters in his life, his former bar companions seem stuck in a temporal bubble, defined by their nightly rendezvous at Cheers.

The unanswered question of whether Frasier will eventually return to Cheers hangs in the air, prompting speculation among fans. Some argue that it might be better for the reboot to abstain from featuring the pub, as it risks tarnishing the legacy of Cheers. The notion that the characters may never have moved beyond their bar-centered lives leaves room for a somber reflection on the passage of time.

As the Frasier reboot continues to unfold against the backdrop of Boston, there remains a glimmer of hope for Cheers enthusiasts. The prospect of a justified and meaningful return to the iconic bar is not entirely extinguished. Grammer, with his influence, may yet persuade the Cheers writers to reconsider their stance, allowing the characters to reconnect with their roots.

In the absence of a return to Cheers, the Frasier revival could still pay homage to the legendary NBC show by organizing a reunion for its characters. Whether this gathering takes place within the familiar confines of the Cheers bar or elsewhere becomes a secondary consideration. What truly matters is the opportunity to witness these beloved characters coming together, reminiscing about the old days, and, perhaps, finding closure that extends beyond the boundaries of Sam’s Boston underground pub.

The mystery surrounding Sam’s Cheers continues to captivate fans, and as the Frasier reboot unfolds, the fate of this iconic bar remains one of the most intriguing enigmas in television history.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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