Mysterious Mrs. Flood Sparks Intrigue in Festive Doctor Who Special

In a heartwarming Christmas special entitled “The Church on Ruby Road,” Doctor Who fans were treated to a delightful tale featuring the Fifteenth Doctor and the enchanting Ruby Sunday. The episode introduced us to Ruby’s charming family, including her loving adoptive mum Carla and her quick-witted gran Cherry. The picturesque neighborhood, featuring the delightful Mrs. Flood played by Anita Dobson, sets the stage for a festive narrative with a touch of mystery.

As Ruby Sunday returns home laden with groceries, a peculiar dispute unfolds between Mrs. Flood and her neighbor Abdul regarding an unfamiliar object on the sidewalk. To everyone’s surprise, the object turns out to be none other than the iconic TARDIS. Abdul vehemently denies any involvement with the blue box, leaving Ruby puzzled. Mrs. Flood, a character who calls Ruby affectionately by the nickname “Rubes,” dismisses the TARDIS as a police box, claiming not to have seen one on the streets of London in nearly half a century.

Later in the episode, Mrs. Flood witnesses the TARDIS dematerializing, prompting a reaction of shock that leads to the unfortunate dropping of her shopping bags. The Doctor, after a temporal adventure to save baby Ruby, relocates the TARDIS across the street. A brief encounter ensues between Mrs. Flood and the enigmatic Time Lord, culminating in her waving cheerfully. The interaction leaves viewers intrigued, particularly as Mrs. Flood turns to the camera and asks, “Never seen a TARDIS before?”

The mystery surrounding Mrs. Flood deepens as the episode progresses. At the outset, she appears genuinely unaware of the TARDIS’s nature, raising questions about her sudden change of demeanor. Did she conduct hasty research in the Doctor’s brief absence, or did she witness the TARDIS during a coincidental visit to Ruby Road’s church?

Speculation among fans has fueled theories about Mrs. Flood’s connection to Ruby, with some daring to suggest a familial tie. However, the age difference between Ruby and Mrs. Flood seems to discount the possibility of a mother-daughter relationship. Yet, the possibility that Mrs. Flood harbors knowledge about Ruby’s past cannot be ruled out.

The plot thickens when considering the prospect of Mrs. Flood assuming a villainous role. Some fans playfully point out that “flood” is an anagram for “RANI,” sparking whimsical conjectures about her potential involvement in the Doctor’s adventures. Whether her cryptic line about the TARDIS is a mere nod to Anita Dobson’s Doctor Who fandom or a harbinger of more profound revelations remains uncertain.

The burning question now is whether Mrs. Flood will make a return to Doctor Who. The casting of a seasoned performer like Anita Dobson hints at the likelihood of a recurring role. During a charity appearance, Dobson tantalizingly suggested that Mrs. Flood’s nosy disposition might draw her deeper into the Doctor’s escapades. As Doctor Who season one unfolds and revisits Ruby’s domestic life, Mrs. Flood’s character is poised to play a pivotal role. Fans can only hope that the enigma surrounding her will unravel as the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday’s journey continues.

In the intricate tapestry of “The Church on Ruby Road,” Mrs. Flood stands as an enigmatic figure, leaving audiences eager to decode the secrets she holds and anticipating her potential return to the beloved sci-fi series. Only time will tell what role she truly plays in the grand narrative of Doctor Who.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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