Russell Crowe’s “The Exorcism” Faces VOD Release Following Lacklustre Theatrical Run

In a turn of events following its lacklustre theatrical debut, Russell Crowe’s latest horror venture, “The Exorcism,” is set to hit Video On Demand (VOD) platforms on 9th July 2024, as reported by Bloody Disgusting. Directed by Joshua John Miller, the film stars Crowe as Anthony Miller, an actor who descends into disturbing behaviour during the filming of a horror movie, prompting his daughter Lee, played by Ryan Simpkins, to suspect supernatural forces at play.

“The Exorcism,” which premiered in cinemas on 21st June 2024, failed to impress both critics and audiences alike, garnering predominantly negative reviews. This disappointment at the box office, coupled with tepid reception, has set the stage for its imminent digital release, merely three weeks after its theatrical debut.

Russell Crowe, no stranger to the horror genre after his previous stint in “The Pope’s Exorcist,” directed by Julius Avery, faced similar mixed reactions but found favour among viewers. Unlike its predecessor, “The Exorcism” has struggled to replicate this success, both in critical acclaim and commercial appeal.

The film currently holds a dismal 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicative of its struggle to resonate with critics who lambasted its derivative plot and lack of innovation within a genre known for its repetitive tropes. Audiences, mirroring this sentiment, have similarly expressed dissatisfaction, reflected in a meagre 36% audience score on the same platform.

Financially, “The Exorcism” has failed to recoup its production costs, amassing a paltry $6.4 million worldwide against an undisclosed budget, speculated to hover around $22 million. Such figures underscore the film’s underperformance, categorising it as a significant disappointment in the current cinematic landscape.

Despite these setbacks, industry pundits speculate whether the film might find a more receptive audience upon its VOD release. With pre-orders already available on Apple TV, the digital release aims to capitalise on viewers’ preference for home entertainment, potentially reversing its fortunes outside the confines of traditional cinema.

Looking ahead, the future of “The Exorcism” remains uncertain. Its journey from theatrical screens to digital platforms serves as a litmus test for its enduring appeal and ability to carve a niche among horror enthusiasts. Whether it garners newfound appreciation or further disappointment remains to be seen, but the film’s transition to VOD marks a critical juncture in its commercial trajectory.

As audiences await its digital debut, “The Exorcism” stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of cinematic success, where critical reception and box office figures often diverge. For now, all eyes are on 9th July 2024, when viewers will render their verdict on Russell Crowe’s latest foray into the realm of supernatural horror.

This transition to VOD platforms not only represents a pivotal moment for the film’s commercial viability but also raises questions about the evolving dynamics between theatrical releases and digital distribution channels in today’s entertainment landscape.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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