Controversial C4 and Canister Combo Sparks Debate Amongst The Finals Players

In the adrenaline-pumping world of The Finals, where destruction reigns supreme, a brewing controversy has emerged concerning the lethal combination of C4 and canisters. The Finals, a first-person online multiplayer shooter celebrated for its dynamic gameplay, faces a wave of discontent as some players demand alterations to the explosive synergy that allows for instant kills, disrupting the otherwise thrilling gaming experience.

With The Finals boasting a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam and over 100,000 user reviews, it’s undeniable that the game has captured the hearts of many. However, alongside its success, players have grappled with issues ranging from cheaters to server glitches. Now, a specific gameplay strategy has come under scrutiny, leaving some participants in The Finals frustrated and seeking change.

At the heart of the matter is the ability for players to orchestrate instantaneous enemy eliminations by attaching a C4 device to various canisters, be they explosive or toxic. This strategic manoeuvre, often executed with precision, has become a point of contention within the player community. Reddit user EasyAntiYeet brought attention to this issue by sharing a gameplay compilation, showcasing instances where the C4 and canister combo is utilized for one-shot takedowns.

The response to EasyAntiYeet’s post has been diverse, with players expressing a range of opinions from criticism to admiration for the combo. Amidst the discussions, some users took the opportunity to propose potential solutions to address the controversial strategy. “I think the only logical balance is making C4 implacable on carry-ables,” commented one user, highlighting concerns about the C4’s weight in The Finals. Another user suggested, “Canisters shouldn’t fly in a straight line; they should nosedive if they have attachments.” The C4 issue appears to be a prevalent topic within the community, overshadowing other problems with gadgets in The Finals.

Yet, defenders of the explosive combo argue that such strategies have been a part of The Finals, even showcased in the game’s trailers. An examination of Closed Beta trailers from March 2023 reveals instances of the C4 and canister combination in action, often with unconventional choices like a recycling bin. While the footage doesn’t explicitly show a player succumbing to the projectile, it raises questions about the intentional design choices made by the developers. Another example surfaces in the Season 1 trailer, featuring a player getting hit with a C4-attached flowery pot, suggesting a deliberate incorporation of the explosive combo into the game’s promotional material.

In response to player concerns, Embark Studios, the developers behind The Finals, implemented some adjustments in the recent 1.4.0 update. Notably, tweaks were made to the C4 gadget, resulting in a reduction in player damage. The update also addressed other explosive devices, attempting to bring a semblance of balance to the game. Despite these efforts, it’s evident that certain players remain dissatisfied with the current state of The Finals.

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen whether Embark Studios will heed the calls for further modifications to the contentious C4 and canister combo. The delicate balance between maintaining the essence of the game’s dynamic and unpredictable nature and addressing player grievances poses a challenge for the developers. The Finals community, passionate about their virtual battleground, watches eagerly to see if the next update will tip the scales in favour of a more satisfying and fair gaming experience.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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