EA Sports Introduces Stellar Line up to UFC 5 Roster with Latest Update

In a thrilling move that has set the virtual octagon on fire, EA Sports has dropped a bombshell in the gaming world by adding five formidable fighters to the UFC 5 roster. This recent update, released on January 12, brings fresh blood to the octagon, featuring high-calibre athletes that promise to elevate the gaming experience for UFC enthusiasts.

Headlining the new recruits is the 32-year-old Canadian powerhouse, Mike “Proper” Malott. Known for his explosive strikes, Malott boasts an impressive stat line with a punch power of 95, kick speed at 93, and accuracy reaching 93. His addition to the game solidifies his status as one of the best strikers in UFC 5, providing players with a thrilling arsenal of moves to take down opponents.

Brazilian women’s bantamweight Mayra “Sheetara” Bueno is another exciting inclusion, claiming the #2 spot in her division. With her exceptional bottom game at 94, submission offense peaking at 96, and submission defence standing strong at 95, Bueno is a technical marvel. Players inclined towards the art of submissions will undoubtedly find her a rewarding choice as they navigate the intricate world of UFC 5.

Jailton “Malhaoinho” Almeida, the Brazilian #7 heavyweight, brings a formidable ground game to the mix. Boasting a top game rating of 97, bottom game at 96, and submission offense reaching an impressive 97, Almeida is a force to be reckoned with in the virtual cage. His addition adds depth to the heavyweight division, providing players with a unique skill set to master.

The undefeated Irish welterweight, Ian Machado “The Future” Garry, claims the #10 spot in his division. Garry’s stats reflect a well-rounded fighter, with accuracy, footwork, and head movement each rated at 93. His inclusion adds flair to the welterweight class, offering players a chance to finesse their way to victory with strategic and precise moves.

Completing the line up is the 28-year-old Canadian featherweight Charles “Air” Jourdain. Known for his defensive prowess, Jourdain boasts a submission defence rating of 94, punch speed at 93, and punch power also at 93. His addition caters to players who prefer a more calculated and defensive approach, providing a unique flavour to the featherweight division.

These five fighters, with their distinct styles and strengths, promise an immersive gaming experience catering to players of varied preferences. Whether you enjoy the explosive striking of Malott, the technical finesse of Bueno, the ground dominance of Almeida, the strategic approach of Garry, or the defensive mastery of Jourdain, UFC 5’s January update has something for everyone.

Alongside the fighter additions, the update comes with crucial patch notes that refine and enhance the gaming experience. Notable changes include adjustments to stamina recovery between rounds, fine-tuning of body strikes to balance damage and stamina drain, and improvements to ducking mechanics for a more realistic feel.

The patch notes also address issues such as foot planting glitches, unplayable states from cage knockdowns, and various grappling adjustments. With a focus on enhancing the ground game, EA Sports has removed the effect of Negative Grapple Advantage, encouraging more dynamic ground battles and preventing fighters from holding positions for extended periods.

Furthermore, the update introduces popular fighters like Kamaru Usman to the Middleweight class and Deiveson Figueiredo to Bantamweight, expanding the roster even further. Additionally, a short colour selection has been added to Fighter Select for all rostered fighters, excluding Alter Egos, enhancing the visual customization options for players.

As a cherry on top, EA Sports has introduced new Vanity Rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement for dedicated players. This commitment to continuous improvement and authenticity reaffirms EA Sports’ dedication to making UFC 5 as accurate and engaging as possible.

In conclusion, the UFC 5 January 12 update is a game-changer, introducing five dynamic fighters and implementing essential adjustments to refine the gaming experience. With an ever-expanding roster and ongoing commitment to improvement, EA Sports is ensuring that UFC 5 remains a top-tier gaming experience for both casual players and hardcore fight fans alike. Strap in, gamers, the virtual octagon just got a whole lot more thrilling!

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