Nexon’s Blue Archive Introduces Exciting New Chapter to Main Story: “Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half)

Nexon Korea Corp., led by CEO Jung-Hun Lee, made an exciting announcement on Wednesday, May 24, unveiling the latest chapter of their highly popular game, Blue Archive. Developed by subsidiary company Nexon Games, the new chapter titled “Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half)” promises thrilling adventures and surprising revelations for players.

In this captivating storyline, Rio, the Student Council President of Millennium, pays a visit to the Game Development Department, where he delivers a shocking revelation. Players are invited to join forces with department members, including Aris and Momoi, as they navigate the ensuing crisis that unfolds.

Adding to the excitement, a new student named Himari, hailing from the Millennium Science School, made her debut on Tuesday, May 16. Himari, a Piercing-type Special Student, possesses an impressive EX Skill named “Hah! Look What I’m Made Of!” which allows her to enhance the ATK (Attack) attribute of a single ally for a duration of 13 seconds.

Accompanying the new chapter release is the Fortress City of Eridu Infiltration Task event. From now until Tuesday, June 20, players can engage in various tasks related to the Main Story, Lessons, and Scrimmages, earning valuable rewards such as AMAS Debris, interactive furniture exclusive to Himari, Superior Artifacts, and Superior Activity Reports. Additionally, players have the opportunity to collect 100 AMAS Debris and receive a generous reward of 1,200 Pyroxenes.

In celebration of the Main Story update, Nexon has released two captivating trailers on their official Blue Archive YouTube channel. The trailers provide a glimpse into the daily lives of students from the Game Development Department, showcasing intriguing scenes from the main story, including an exhilarating skyscraper chase involving Neru and Ari’s encounter with an unexpected twist of events.

Players and fans of Blue Archive can find more information about the latest chapter, “Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half),” by visiting the official Blue Archive communities, including the Blue Archive Official Forum, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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