Leatherface Gets a Chainsaw Boost in Latest Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update

In a recent unveiling of the Muerto Times roadmap for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the developers have declared that Leatherface, the iconic character from the franchise, is set to receive a game-changing buff in the forthcoming update. The Muerto Times roadmap not only sheds light on this significant alteration but also promises a slew of other enhancements and modifications aimed at refining the gaming experience.

The asymmetrical multiplayer game, released in August 2023 for PC and Xbox and Playstation consoles, has become a staple in the horror gaming genre. Sumo Nottingham and Gun Interactive have consistently kept players informed about the game’s future through their regular roadmap releases. These updates, aimed at fostering balance between the murderers and survivors, have also tackled bugs and other issues encountered since the game’s launch.

Leatherface, a character synonymous with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has been a constant presence in the game since its inception. Sumo Nottingham and Gun Interactive have now revealed plans for a slight buff to Leatherface in the upcoming update. This enhancement will empower Leatherface to navigate obstacles with increased efficiency and speed, introducing a dynamic element to his gameplay. While the exact release date for the update remains undisclosed, the developers have maintained a monthly release pattern for previous updates, indicating an imminent arrival.

The forthcoming changes extend beyond Leatherface’s buff, encompassing adjustments to grappling mechanics. Previously, grappling between family members resulted in instant kills, a tactic that will no longer be effective after the update. Furthermore, Danny’s Level 3 Instant Study perk is undergoing modifications, though specific details have not been disclosed. Danny, introduced in November’s update, will also witness the reinstatement of the slippery skill to his tree, accompanied by fixes for several exploits and balancing issues.

Leatherface’s status as an iconic figure in the franchise has undergone recent revisions, liberating the character from mandatory inclusion in every game. Alongside this change, Leatherface has received new costumes, paving the way for potential broader involvement in battles. The game’s unique 3 versus 4 format, diverging from the common 1 versus 4 model, has added complexity to the balancing act inherent in asymmetrical multiplayer titles.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Highlights:

Fixes In Testing:

  1. Danny’s Instant Study: Ongoing testing for changes to Danny’s Level 3 Instant Study perk.
  2. Grapple Tuning: Family members can no longer instantly execute victims during grapples with other family members.
  3. Leatherface Destroys Faster: Leatherface will now dismantle obstacles more swiftly.
  4. Grandpa Perks Saved: Swapping out Grandpa Perks will save the loadout.
  5. Missing Fusebox Found: The fusebox is now visible in Johnny’s Shack on Nancy’s House during Family Focus.
  6. Slippery, Missing?: Slippery skill returns to Danny’s skill tree.
  7. Family Trapped No More: Addressing the exploit where victims could entrap Family players.
  8. Choose Flight, Bomb Squad, and More?: Certain perks are undergoing rebalancing.
  9. Instant Start Leatherface: Players with Instant Start will now initiate their chainsaws faster.
  10. Poisoned Claws: Rebalancing of the Poisoned Claws perk.
  11. Thicker Blood Trails: Blood trails will now have a more pronounced presence.
  12. New Language Translations: Brazilian, Portuguese, and Russian translations will be added.

Under Investigation:

  1. Report System Improvements
  2. Basement Fusedoor Notification
  3. Nancy Exploits
  4. Needs More Info
  5. Spawn Point Issues
  6. Close Encounter Mini-Game Issues
  7. Crashing and Loading Issues

The comprehensive roadmap update signals the developers’ commitment to addressing player feedback and ensuring a finely tuned gaming experience for fans of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As Leatherface revs up his chainsaw for a faster and more dynamic encounter, players can anticipate an array of improvements that promise to elevate the horror gaming experience to new heights. Stay tuned for the imminent release of this eagerly awaited update, as the Muerto Times continues to shape the future of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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