PDP Hints at Guitar Controller for Fortnite Festival Rhythm Mode

In a surprising turn of events, gaming peripheral manufacturer PDP has set tongues wagging with a mysterious teaser, suggesting the imminent release of a guitar controller tailored for Fortnite’s newly introduced rhythm mode. With Epic Games at the helm, the developer behind Fortnite and owner of the iconic music game creator Harmonix, speculations are rife about the potential collaboration and what it may signify for the gaming community.

Fortnite enthusiasts were recently treated to the unveiling of the Fortnite Festival on December 9, an engaging rhythm-based experience reminiscent of Harmonix’s acclaimed Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. While the mode currently supports gameplay using a keyboard or a conventional controller, the cryptic teaser from PDP hints at the possible arrival of an official guitar-shaped peripheral, adding a new layer to the Fortnite music experience.

PDP, renowned for crafting specialized controllers for the Rock Band series, including the latest installment Rock Band 4, fuelled anticipation with a suggestive image shared on its official Twitter page on December 12. The post featured the distinct silhouette of a guitar accompanied by the caption “Rock On this January,” further embellished with emojis depicting a tent, a waxing crescent moon, musical notes, a guitar, and a controller. The symbolism within this cryptic sequence is already sparking conjectures within the gaming community, with many interpreting it as a veiled announcement for a “Fortnite Music Guitar Controller” set to launch in January.

The potential introduction of an official guitar controller for Fortnite’s rhythm mode could prove to be a game-changer, attracting fervent fans of Guitar Hero and Rock Band seeking a spiritual successor to their beloved franchises. Given the striking similarities between Fortnite Festival and the iconic music games, the absence of an instrument-shaped peripheral has been a conspicuous gap for those looking to recreate the immersive experience of past gaming eras.

For enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the official controller, there may be even more in store. Speculations circulating online hint at the possibility of a revival of the Rock Band series itself. With Epic Games holding the reins and Harmonix under its umbrella, a resurgence of the acclaimed music franchise would align seamlessly with the current gaming landscape. Additionally, Microsoft’s ownership of Guitar Hero through its acquisition of Activision has prompted discussions about the potential rejuvenation of this classic series under the Xbox brand, especially considering Phil Spencer’s openness to revisiting dormant franchises.

As the gaming community anticipates these potential developments, Fortnite players are guaranteed an eventful journey leading up to 2024. Beyond the Fortnite Festival, Epic Games has recently expanded its repertoire with the introduction of LEGO Fortnite, a creative sandbox mode, and Rocket Racing, a thrilling racing experience. These diverse additions are poised to captivate even the most dedicated Fortnite enthusiasts, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gaming experience in the coming months.

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